Family Therapy

All families have their moments. Using our evidence-based techniques, we can help make more of your moments, happy ones. Our St. Louis therapists excel at helping families get to where they want to be.

Parent Coaching with Licensed Professionals

Want to be be the parent you always thought you could be? Parenting is a skill that can be studied, taught, and learned. Our licensed therapists utilize a variety of evidence based techniques that have been proven to help families of all kinds. Be the family that they will want to return to by learning positive parenting. It works. Have a challenging child? It works. Have a complication? It works. Have a stressed out spouse who is only so-so on board?  It works. We have helped hundreds of families get passed their negative cycles, control behavior problems and move to a nurturing nurturing environment for all involved. 

We help all kinds of families

Going through a divorce?  Blending two families?  Each family is unique and comes with their own special challenges as well as strengths. We can help navigate all kinds of family dynamics. 


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Jama Anthony-Petter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 30 years of experience and works with couples, families and individuals.