Online Therapy

Online therapy can help you reach your mental health goals without squeezing in a commute during your already busy day. 

You’ve decided that it’s time to start therapy, but there are a couple of things that are in the way. Maybe your schedule is tight and squeezing in an additional commute and appointment doesn’t feel realistic. Maybe the thought of driving through rush hour traffic to make your therapy appointment gives you anxiety, making you second guess therapy. Or, perhaps you’re in an area that doesn’t have many therapists that have the specialty you’re looking for. Why start therapy if it’s not going to address your needs, right?

Luckily, Online Therapy in Missouri can address all of these concerns. 

Our practice is happy to still provide online therapy in Missouri. We understand that traditional in-person therapy doesn’t work for everyone for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s the geographic location, busy schedule, or personal preference along with many other factors that make online therapy fit better for someone. Regardless of the reason, our online therapists are happy to provide you with high-quality therapy through our secure and HIPAA-compliant online platform.


Benefits of Online Therapy

A woman uses a computer. This reflects concepts of online therapy in Missouri. We offer online therapy in Missouri for residents. Our online therapists in Missouri offer effective therapy through online therapy in Missouri.

Online therapy offers many benefits First and foremost, online therapy offers convenience. With online therapy, you don’t have to worry about factoring in the commute to make it to the office in your daily drive. So yes, that means avoiding the freeway at rush hour or driving from one side of town to the other. Instead, just pull out your device wherever you are at your scheduled appointment time. Connect to a stable Wi-Fi connection, find some privacy, and start your session!

Online Therapy offers flexible scheduling.

Plus, you can make online therapy fit your schedule. All you need is an hour of free time to squeeze in your appointment. This is perfect to do during a lunch break, before work or school, or while you’re going for a walk after a stressful day. Any point in the day when you can secure some alone time. What if you have kids and don’t have a babysitter during your session? No need to leave the house for your appointment, so no problem!

Additionally, online therapy comes in handy when the weather starts to get bad. We’re all familiar with Missouri winters, and it’s not always enjoyable being out in them. With online therapy, you get to avoid that hassle. You can cozy up inside and not have to worry about defrosting your windshield or putting on your winter boots!

Online Therapy in Missouri comes to you.

A woman smiles while using a computer. This relates to online therapy in Missouri.

As online therapy providers, we’re able to serve people throughout Missouri. So, no need to worry about geographic location. An unfortunate fact is that there is a disparity in mental health services depending on where you live. To address this, our online therapists are happy to work with you regardless of where you live in Missouri. Our online therapists are happy to work with you if you’re in St. Louis, Columbia, Kansas City, and Springfield, just to name a few!


Online Therapy for Trauma

Through online therapy, our therapists can provide effective trauma therapy. Our online therapists are familiar and effective when it comes to providing online trauma therapy. Through our secure video platform, we can provide evidence-based interventions that can help individuals navigate trauma. Our online therapists understand some of the hurdles that accompany experiencing trauma. For some people, that means having a hard time leaving the house. Our therapists get it and would like to meet you halfway with online therapy.

Online Therapy for Anxiety 

Experiencing anxiety can have you feeling like your brain is scrambled. It can be hard to keep track of dates, obligations, and time. Fortunately, online anxiety treatment can help take away some of those responsibilities and allow you to hit the “easy button.” Our therapists understand the troubles that come along with anxiety: trouble sleeping, racing thoughts, difficulty focusing, and having a sense of impending doom to name a few. Our therapists understand that the negative self-talk you can’t seem to escape may have taken you down a few notches. Online anxiety treatment may be able to help you quiet that voice.

Online Therapy for Depression 

a woman uses a laptop. This relates to online therapy in Missouri. Online therapy in Missouri provides you effective online therapy.

Battling depression can feel debilitating. It can seem like days take years, and days take months. While depression can feel isolating, you’re not alone. Online depression treatment just might be the option you need. Online therapy for depression can help you to find your balance. Our therapists understand that depression can seriously impact your life. Some people have a change in their sleep, appetite, mood, energy, and vigor for life. Our therapists understand that your motivation may be held captive by depression making it hard to do anything. Online depression treatment just might be a great option for you. If you feel like your energy is depleted, you don’t have to worry. Online depression treatment will come to you. All you have to do is pick a time and make sure your device is charged.

Online Therapy for College Students

Being a college student presents unique challenges. Doing your best to manage school, friendships, relationships, and other obligations can leave you feeling like your head is spinning. On top of that, your schoolwork has become much harder than it ever has been and you’re doing your best to keep up. But you might feel like you aren’t quite measuring up to others around you. Navigating college can be incredibly challenging, and you might feel alone even though you’re surrounded by people. Our online therapists understand and are happy to help you through this time.

Online therapy for college students brings you quality therapy no matter where you are in Missouri.

If you’re at SLU, Mizzou, SEMO, UMKC, UCM, or Missouri State, we’re happy to work with you. A bonus is that you don’t have to be put on a waitlist as you do at your campus health center. Our online therapists have many openings and are happy to work with your schedule. Online therapy for college students can help you to manage your stress, control your anxiety, and help clear your head.

Begin Online Therapy in Missouri

A man smiles on a boat. This reflects concepts of online therapy in Missouri. Online therapy in Missouri brings you effective therapy with an online therapist.

Our online therapists are happy to begin working with you to fit your needs. We offer high quality therapy for a variety of different experiences through our secure and HIPAA-compliant online platform. While our practice is based in St. Louis, MO, we’re happy to work with you where you in the live in the state. When you’re ready to begin online therapy, follow these steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment.
  2. Get to know our team of online therapists.
  3. Enjoy convenience and quality.

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