Couples Workshop: Couple's Therapy You Can Do Right Now Part 2

December 27, 2020

Create the right mood between you and your partner by starting and ending today with this exercise.

Get your relationship back on track by starting today. This one seems easy! Simply look into your partner's eye. That's all. Right now. 

  1. Sit crosslegged on your bed across from your partner.
  2. Hold hands.
  3. Look into the eyes of your partner for a 4 full minutes.
  4. Try not to break eye contact.

This exercise is surprisingly effective and getting both partners to be present and feel connected. You can also try doing "the gaze technique" while almost hugging as in the photo above. This is a great way to set the mood before a difficult discussion about a contentious topic. Try it when you wake up and again, when you are reconnecting at the end of the day. It's ok to laugh, it is a bit silly. Here is a great light hearted video of couples doing the same exercise.

Remote video URL

This is just one of many therapy techniques Open Arms Wellness couple's therapists in use to help get you and your partner back to where you want to be.  We have great centrally located offices in Clayton and St. Louis City.  Televideo sessions are always available or call and ask us about our couples workshop: 10 sessions on zoom filled of fun couple exercises you can do with your partner. Schedule a consult today!