Couples Workshop: Couple's Therapy You Can Do Right Now Part 5

December 27, 2020

Your origin story as a couple, just like a superhero.

This can a be a great exercise to get you feeling your unique connection. This should be done in the same room but separately.  On 1-2 pages, write the story about how you met your partner.  Was there a meet-cute? What was the attraction at first? What was your first date? Did you fall in love gradually or was it love at first site? How did it evolve? Why did you choose them out of everyone in the world?  It doesn't have to be long. You might prefer to tell the story orally together instead. What made you so well suited?  Or did opposites attract? Watch your partners face while they write their story, and make sure you take the time to relive what got you to your partner originally.

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