Couples Workshop: Couple's Therapy You Can Do Right Now Part 6

December 27, 2020

The yellow flag of critique: This couples therapy technique helps you realize when and why you critique your partner.

Tips from our couples counselors 

Sometimes when spending a lot of of time together, it is easy to fall into negative patterns. One pattern is critiquing your partner too much. Critiquing can stop you from getting back on track and can hurt the love you are trying to rekindle. This is something you can do with or without your partner playing along. 

Give yourself three yellow sticky notes of critique for a day.

Did they cook the eggs too long? Did he leave his shoes on in the house? Did she use her phone during dinner? Keep silent unless there is legitimate danger. Make sure that nothing you say can be construed as a critique for the entire day. At the end of the day, you can use those three pieces of paper to write out a suggestion. But wait, do they still feel necessary? We are betting not.

Try it again the next day.

What are you thinking right before you critique your partner? Would if you imagine your partner as an acquaintance at work? A first date? Would you critique your close friend the same way?

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