Andrea Bohannon, LPC

Located at 8949 Manchester - Brentwood, MO

Are you feeling overwhelmed but not quite sure why? Are you overwhelmed, know why, but just can’t seem to get it under control?  Do you know you could be feeling ‘better about things’ but can’t get there on your own? I can help with this, and I’ve had a lot of experience doing it! I will meet you with warmth and curiosity, humor and heart, right where you are. 

With 15 years under my belt, I have helped dozens and dozens of clients navigate their identified and sometimes unidentified challenges.  Seeking therapy and support from a therapist is an incredibly courageous act of self-love and care. It is the first step of a process I feel honored to be included in. I offer a warm and collaborative approach intended to foster personal growth and self-understanding. Using a psychodynamic approach along with some grace and humor I help guide my clients on their own path of self-actualization. By honoring every client as a unique individual, I bring an engaged and compassionate presence to the therapy room. My work and support are intended to help clients cultivate meaningful inner healing that yields lasting changes.