3 Benefits of Starting Online Therapy in Missouri

May 23, 2022

See how online therapy in Missouri can actually help you achieve your mental health goals and fit into your schedule. 

It’s no secret that we sometimes like to hit the easy button in life. Whether it’s using Instacart for groceries or using Doordash to get delivery from our favorite restaurants, taking out additional travel time can make all the difference. Therapy is no different!

Often, a barrier to starting therapy is actually making it to the therapy office. For some people, it might be on the other side of town. Or, maybe there are only openings at times that you can’t physically make it to the office. Luckily, online therapy can help out with this dilemma!

On top of solving the issue of making it to the therapy office, online therapy has many other benefits. From our therapist's experience providing online therapy, here are three added benefits that people don’t often consider when starting therapy.

1. Online therapy is often just as effective as in-person therapy.

A woman uses her computer. This relates to concepts of online therapy in Missouri. See how working with an online therapist in Missouri can help.

Yep, that’s true! Studies show that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy for a variety of reasons. For starters, people who opt for online therapy are more likely to keep their appointments. For many people, online therapy eliminates some barriers in the way of in-person therapy. A few of these include:

  • Eliminating the potential barrier of transportation. For some people, reliable transportation can be an important factor to consider when starting therapy. If transportation is inconsistent, this can mean missing your appointment. Missing appointments can often interrupt the progress you make with your therapist.
  • Securing a babysitter. If you have young kids, you’re familiar with the obstacle of securing a babysitter. For some people, not having a consistent babysitter can keep them from starting therapy since they have no else to watch their little ones.
  • Scheduling conflicts with fitting an appointment in during your week. It’s not uncommon to have a hard time trying to find a time to meet with your therapist that works for both schedules. On top of that, the added time for the commute can make it even more difficult to find a time that works!

Luckily, online therapy can meet you halfway through these barriers. 

Online therapy eliminates the need for transportation, so need to worry about catching a ride to make it to your appointment! This way, you won’t have to schedule an appointment based on the time that you have reliable transportation. Since you don’t have to leave the house, there’s no need for a babysitter! Have your kiddos do an activity that captures their attention for 50 minutes while they are in the other room. If scheduling is an obstacle, online therapy can provide additional time slots that may work better for your schedule. Maybe squeezing in an appointment before you go to work or school, or maybe on your lunch break. No matter the time, all you need is some privacy.    

Since people are more likely to keep their appointments with the flexibility that online therapy offers, they often see the progress they want to see in therapy. Research shows a strong correlation between appointment attendance and progress in therapy: the more someone attends their therapy sessions, the more likely they are to make positive progress.

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2. Online therapy provides more access to mental health resources.

A woman is shown. This relates to online therapy in Missouri. See how working with an online therapist in Missouri can help.

In many communities, there is a lack of quality mental health resources. Whether it’s because you’re looking for a provider that is certified in a certain intervention or a therapist that has experience in what you’re looking for, you might find yourself at a loss. Or, maybe you’re in the opposite situation. There are many therapists in your community, but no one has any openings.

Either way, online therapy can address these barriers. If you’re in a community that doesn’t have enough therapists, online therapy allows you to see a therapist in a different city that can address your needs. Regardless of the distance, online therapy makes it easier for you to see any therapist in your state. If you’re having a hard time finding a therapist that matches your availability, online therapy often serves as a flexible option. Often, removing additional travel time from your schedule can provide many options that weren’t there before. 

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3. Online therapy can offer you more privacy.            

A man uses a computer. This relates to concepts of online therapy in Missouri. Our online therapists in Missouri can provide you support.

In some ways, our society is moving towards greater acceptance and understanding of others in many regards including race, religion, class, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and ability status. While we haven’t made it to a point of celebrating other identities and experiences, we have made some positive progress. However, there is one area in which our society has not made as much progress: dismantling the stigma around mental health. For some people, this is the factor keeping them from pursuing mental health services; the comments and stereotypes about pursuing therapy can have a powerful impact on someone’s decision.

For someone who is battling this decision, online therapy can be a great option. With online therapy, no one will see you going into a therapist’s office. On top of that, an online therapy session looks like you’re having a facetime or Zoom call with someone. The only way someone else would know you’re seeing a therapist is if you tell them. Therapists and counselors are bound by confidentiality, so it’s not their business to share your business.

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Begin Online Therapy in Missouri

Whether it be the scheduling conflict, travel time, or stigma keeping you from starting therapy, online therapy can be a great solution for you. Our online therapists are happy to work with you to reach your goals. Furthermore, our therapists can provide online therapy to children, teens, and adults. Don’t worry if online therapy isn’t your style, we have plenty of therapists that are happy to see you in our St. Louis based counseling practices. When you’re ready to begin therapy with us, follow these steps:

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  3. Smash your mental health goals!