Child Therapy and Child Psychologists in St. Louis, MO

Is your child struggling? Our evidence-based play therapy can help. Our child therapy is effective and fun.  Don't be surprised if you hear a giggle from the other room.

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Watching Your Child Struggle is Painful 

Life can be hard, especially when you haven't had time to develop coping skills.  Sometimes you need a helping hand.  

Our Child Therapists Can Help

Our child therapists specialize in working with children ages 2-12, and are skilled in a variety of therapeutic techniques disguised as play. We use play therapy and methods such as coping cats (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy adapted for kids) (  and the turtle technique

Child counseling can help you to identify the root of the issues your child is experiencing. Child therapy also can teach children new emotional skills for managing their problems now and in the future. Therapy can help them navigate important life challenges like divorce, behavioral problems, sickness and death.  Likewise it helps them deal with all the complicated feelings they may be experiencing.

Play Therapy is FUN

Don’t be surprised if you hear giggling coming from out child centered therapy sessions. Play therapy is fun for kids and they often can’t wait to come back.  It can also be hard work! Facing their feelings or dealing with the difficult issues in their life can be challenging.  Fortunately they will have the skills and the support of our therapists to help them find their way. 

Child mental health therapy

Therapy for the family

While play therapy and one-on-one time with our child therapists is a critical part of our therapy technique, we find it often helps to have family therapy concurrently. We can coach parents on how to deal with complicated issues pertaining to their children’s unique challenges. Read more about our family therapy.

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