Signs of Anxiety

January 1, 2021

Everyone has a sleepless night now and again worrying about tomorrow or reliving a past event. We all experience anxiety. But for some, it becomes overwhelming. Here are 11 signs you are experiencing anxiety.

If you experience anxiety daily on most days for 6 months, or if it is impacting your ability to enjoy your life, you should consider talking to a therapist.

1. When your anxiety is a constant moving target. 

Say your talking to a loved one explaining why your worried or anxious.  When they allay one fear, you start in on a totally unrelated worried. 

2. Reliving things long after they occurred.

A person looks anxious. This relates to concepts of therapy in Kansas City, MO.

Everyone comes up with the perfect insult later in the day after an argument at work. But constantly reliving things that went wrong in the past (or could have gone wrong) can make it hard to concentrate on what the present has to offer.

3. When you always have to be doing something. 

Can't sit still for a movie? Can't understand why your partner is still enjoying the breakfast instead of jumping off to the next productive errand?

4. Delaying decisions so you still have options. 

Overthinking even life's small decisions can lead to stress and anxiety.  Each of us have so many small decisions we need to make everyday.  Constantly obsessing over each one doesn't lead to happiness.

5. Sleep.

A person cannot sleep. This relates to concepts of therapy in Kansas City, MO.

People use sleep as way to avoid anxious feelings. Worrying is draining. Sleeping can feel like a break.

6. Fatigue.

See number 5.  Constant worrying and anxiety is exhausting. Seriously.

7. Procrastination. 

Maybe your planning on revamping your resume. But the idea of having to describe your current job is overwhelming. In reality, if we are able to break down each task into smaller tasks, and have the support we need, the task may only take 15 minutes.

8. Doom scrolling.

A person is using their phone. This relates to concepts of therapy in Kansas City, MO.

 Often we reach for reassurance by seeking out information. However, in today's world the information is constantly available, not to mention negative and sometimes terrifying. We continue to seek out information, which continues to not reassure us, keeping ourselves in a constant state of anxiety.  

9. Heart racing and Heart palpitations.

There are many reasons these symptoms may occur an you should definitely consult a doctor. Often times anxiety and especially Panic attacks come with your body getting ready for a 'big bad'.  

10. Putting your life on hold.

How many times has your anxiety gotten in the way of what you wanted to do? Going to a party? Applying for job? Letting your children go for a swim?

11. Working too much. 

A man is working. This relates to ideas of therapy in Kansas City, MO.

Many of us bury ourselves in work trying to control our anxiety. Whether it is a distraction or a desire to put as much money between us and our problems, anxiety can make us work ourselves too hard.

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Our therapists know how challenging dealing with anxiety can be. Our approach to addressing anxiety through therapy in our St. Louis counseling practice or through online therapy in Kansas City, MO can comprehensively address it. We're happy to work with kids, teens, college students, individuals, couples, or families.  When you're ready to begin therapy in St. Louis, MO, follow these steps:

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