October 15, 2021

Social Media and Teens

No social media for teens is becoming more and more unreasonable. This article explains how limiting social media exposure in teens can help mental health 

Time was when parents were told that books are bad for character development.  After a few generations, it became radio, then T.V.  Now we hear that any digital media use is bad for developing brains.  How much of this is backed by research?  Is all media equal?

    At Open Arms Wellness we have several therapists who concentrate on the mental health of children's and teen.  Clearly, in our digital age , not all digital media is bad.  What parents need to concentrate on is what kids are doing with their digital time. Especially in younger children it is important that the digital can be monitored.  Parents need to be aware of this part of their children's live.  What do they watch on Youtube?  Do they click into tic-tok?  

   Surprisingly, in the age of the pandemic, screen time can be beneficial to tween and teen social health. A recent study found that children who use screens https://www.scientificamerican.com/podcast/episode/kids-are-not-hurt-by-screen-time/ to interact with peers may even be happier.

     Many of our youth spend time on instagram and tic-tok.   These are curated examples of other people lives.  As adults we are more aware  of the filtered nature of on line content.  Children and teens may feel like they don't stack up to these filtered images. In the teen  world already obsessed with appearance, these carefully choreographed images can leave our teens feeling like they just don't measure up.  Our experts at Open Arms suggest dcreasing or ceasing the use of instagram and tic-tok while monitoring other forms of media like facebook and youtube.  They also suggest talking with tweens and teens about what is appropriate and what is not as far as both content, peer interaction online and hours of use.