Teen Therapy St Louis, MO

We offer a variety of therapy settings and techniques to help your teen. Licensed counselor-led group therapy for adolescents with depression are forming now.

Nothing is harder than watching your kids struggle with depression, anxiety and other issues. Our teen centered therapists understand and can help. We have a variety of approaches and tools to help your teen thrive. Additionally, our teen therapy includes parallel approaches including individual and group sessions so your teen understands they are not alone.

Individual Teen Therapy

Our teen therapists use many one-on-one techniques including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), acceptance therapy, autobiographical story editing, commitment, EMDR (an eye therapy for trauma) and many more. We create a safe, accepting and private space for them to share and examine their life story and embark on a journey of positive change. 

Teen Group Therapy

What is group therapy and how does it work for teens?

Group therapy is a collaborative tool used to help individuals grow in a safe and confidential environment. During group therapy individuals meet through Zoom or face to face to talk about their concerns as they pertain to the group topic. The magic of a group happens when group members can share their feedback, empathy, support, and encouragement with each other. 

An analysis of 56 studies over a 20-year period, reported in the Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, found that group therapy was more effective with children and teenagers than other forms of therapy. The average child or adolescent treated by group treatment was better off than 73 percent of those not. Whether it is stress, anxiety, depression or everyday concerns we are here to help.

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What is group therapy like?

Meeting with a group of people that you have never met to talk about emotional concerns can be scary. It can be hard to be vulnerable and share information about yourself. It takes time to build trust in the group and share your personal information. The counselor facilitator as well as members help to set the tone of the group so that members feel safe and can trust each other. You get to control when and how much you share with the group. A good way to start in group therapy is to tell the group why you have come and what you are looking to change.

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