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We offer a variety of therapy settings and techniques to help your teen. Licensed counselor-led group therapy for adolescents with depression are forming now.

You can see your teen struggling and you have no idea what to do. Maybe they won’t talk to you or tell you what’s going on with them. Regardless, you can tell that there’s something off. As a parent, this frustrates and concerns you. You want to help your child and do what you can, but you feel stuck. 

You’ve done everything in your power.

You’ve asked every question under the sun, tried to coax what’s going on out of them, and yet you’re still not sure what the problem is. Or, perhaps you’re at the other end of the spectrum. Maybe you know exactly what’s going on with your teen and why they’re struggling. And yet, it feels like what you’re doing isn’t helping. We understand that this is a tough position for you to be in, so our teen therapists are here to help. 

Teen therapy could be the best option for your teen. 

It’s no secret that raising a teenager is a difficult task for a variety of different reasons. In their teen years, many young adults begin to argue more, push boundaries, and make choices that we don’t agree with. But sometimes, bigger things are going on with our teens. This can include anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD, and other mental health concerns. 

Signs that your teen could benefit from starting teen therapy

A girl with a mask is shown. This relates to teen therapy in St. Louis, MO. Our teen therapist in St. Louis, MO are happy to provide you teen therapy.

Every teen is different and has different experiences. Our teen therapists recommend teen therapy to teens that appear to:

  • Have a change in behavior that appears negative. This could be their overall mood, the choices they make, and who they hang out with along with many other factors. The biggest factor to consider is that the change is drastically different from how they usually act. 
  • Have a change in their sleep, diet, or other habits. While teens don’t always have a predictable sleep schedule, a change in their sleep that is markedly different than their usual sleep schedule is worth a second glance. Some teens may start to sleep more or less than they usually do for no obvious reason. It’s similar to their diet: if it starts to change drastically for no obvious reason, it’s likely worth seeing a therapist.
  • Have or display signs of a mental health diagnosis. Having a mental health diagnosis as a teen is certainly common, but not every teen has a mental health diagnosis. If you start to see signs of either a worsening existing mental health condition or signs of a potential new mental health diagnosis in your teen, it is worth it to see a therapist. 

How are teen therapists can help 

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Nothing is harder than watching your kids struggle with depression, anxiety, and other issues. Our teen-centered therapists understand and can help. We have a variety of approaches and tools to help your teen thrive. 

 Cognitive behavioral therapy in teen therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of therapy that evaluates the relationship between someone’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Evaluating this relationship can help us to examine why we make certain decisions, as well as how to stop negative thinking patterns when they start. This can be helpful for teens as it helps them to feel more in control of their thought patterns and actions.

Dialectical behavior therapy in teen therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a form of therapy that is effective in treating personality disorders and interpersonal conflicts. DBT is effective in enhancing mood regulation as well as impulse control related to suicidal ideation. DBT can be beneficial for teens as it helps them to manage their emotions, as well as limit self-harm behaviors. 

EMDR in teen therapy

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing is a form of therapy that is used in treating symptoms of trauma. EMDR works to allow someone to heal from trauma by addressing symptoms of emotional distress that often emerge. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation to allow the person to process the memory in a way that is “housed” in their memory in a manner that is not debilitating. 

Teen Group Therapy

Group therapy for teens

In addition to offering individual sessions for teens, our therapists also offer group therapy for teens. In group therapy, teens have the opportunity to talk to other same-aged peers about experiences they are going through. For some teens, this includes problems at school, home, or friendships, as well as how to navigate mental health situations that are likely new for them. Group therapy for teens is a place for teens to learn from each other and build a supportive environment outside of their everyday life.

Group therapy is a collaborative tool used to help individuals grow in a safe and confidential environment. During group therapy individuals meet through Zoom or face to face to talk about their concerns as they pertain to the group topic. The magic of a group happens when group members can share their feedback, empathy, support, and encouragement with each other. 

What is group therapy like?

Meeting with a group of people that you have never met to talk about emotional concerns can be scary. It can be hard to be vulnerable and share information about yourself. It takes time to build trust in the group and share your personal information. The counselor facilitator as well as members help to set the tone of the group so that members feel safe and can trust each other. You get to control when and how much you share with the group. A good way to start in group therapy is to tell the group why you have come and what you are looking to change.

Teens meet with a professional therapist for group counseling

An analysis of 56 studies over a 20-year period, reported in the Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, found that group therapy was more effective with children and teenagers than other forms of therapy. The average child or adolescent treated by group treatment was better off than 73 percent of those not. Whether it is stress, anxiety, depression or everyday concerns we are here to help.

Begin Teen Therapy in St. Louis, MO

Our teen therapists understand that you care about your teen and want the best for them. Teen therapy can help get to that point. Our St. Louis based counseling practice has many teen therapists with openings that are happy to work with your teen. We’re able to see them in person or through online therapy in Missouri. When you’re ready to begin teen therapy in St. Louis, MO, follow these steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment with us.
  2. Get to know our team of excellent teen therapists.
  3. Help your teen start to feel like themselves again.